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SEA is a British company with its head office in the UK and Operations in Tianjin China, working to the same values and ethical practices as those adopted in the UK. Established in 2001, SEA provides the bridge for companies to take advantage of purchasing quality assured products at a competitive price and offers delivery to the door. Our experienced team of manufacturing experts have a network of over one hundred approved and audited manufacturers throughout China, working together with our customers, we are able to select the appropriate supplier for each enquiry or project in accordance with the customer's budget, quality requirement and delivery deadlines. Machined parts together with castings, forgings, pressings and complete assemblies are our speciality. Working together with our suppliers we are able to closely monitor production and ensure that effective quality procedures are in place to give a trouble free service.

SEA's goal:

To reduce costs for our customers, giving them the competitive edge and trouble free supply.

The advantages that SEA offer:


• Complete supply chain solution.

• Dealing with one company for improved communications and relationship.

• Significant savings against your current purchasing costs.

• We can select from a number of suppliers and therefore provide the most competitive pricing.

• Identification and assessment of suitable manufacturer.

• We select only the best and build long term relationships to give you consistent results.

• Monitored production during manufacture by our onsite experienced technicians.





• Ensuring quality standards are met first time, on time.

• Monitoring of quality during production and final inspection by our onsite inspectors.

• UK and Chinese technicians work together with suppliers developing manufacturing techniques and optimising production.

• Engineering expertise working on behalf of our clients to improve efficiency, quality and drive cost down.

• Documented reports covering production, finishes, quality and testing.

• Project development and technical support.

• Comprehensive logistic services.

• Warehouse stock control.


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SEA-Tech suppliers of equipment to the piling industry including mini piling, hollow threaded bar, Soil Nails, Screw Anchors, Mini-Piling, Geothermal Drilling rods, rebar Connectors



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